And so the adventure begins…

After years of dreaming, procrastinating and exhausting every reason why I shouldn’t, 2017 was the year I bit the bullet and decided it was time to fulfil the desire to go travelling. I started saving, researching and googling like mad with a little added help from STA Travel… and I might of got a tad carried away by signing up for Coachella tickets just to make everything more logistically complicated. But hey what better justification than Queen B? Anyway the most important decision – should I quit my job so I could experience living and working somewhere else?

After persuading my boyfriend to join me we decided together to quit our jobs, sell our cars, move out of our homes to pursue the dream. The flights have been booked since July so it’s seemed like a long time coming but before I know it, we’ve welcomed in the New Year and D-day is only a few days away. I’ve been feeling rather overwhelmed with Christmas festivities, finishing work, celebrating (and dreading) unemployment, that I’ve been trying not to give myself too much time to reflect and feel too emotional; it’s such a surreal, invigorating, scary and exciting feeling all rolled into one. The feeling of going into the unknown.

So what’s the plan and for how long? We do have a kind-of plan for the first few months but after that we’ve indulged in the luxury of not planning anything and going wherever the wind blows us which is the beauty of unemployment *smug face*.

The kind-of PLAN

First stop, SE Asia


Bangkok – 1 night

Phuket, Koh Tao & Koh Phi Phi – 8 nights

Bangkok – 2 nights

Kanchanaburi – 1 night

Ayutthaya – 1 night

Chiang Mai – 2 nights

Pai – 1 night


Luang Prabang – 2 nights

Vang Vieng – 2 nights

Vientiane – 1 night


Phnom Penh – 1 night

Siem Reap – 2 nights

Contiki Tour – 16 nights

Down Under


Melbourne – 2 months

Hey hey USA


LA – 2 nights

San Diego – 3 nights

Palm Springs, Coachella – 5 nights

Las Vegas – 4 nights

Camper Van to Yosemite, San Francisco – 7 nights

Back Down Under

Sydney – 7 nights

No return flight home!

5 International flights, 3 overnight buses, 3 ferries, 1 sleeper train, 1 Contiki Tour, 1 festival and 100s of cultural new dishes to try. After the kind-of plan we would love to travel up the Gold Coast of Aus doing some casual work inbetween, with hopes of also ticking off New Zealand, Bali, Vietnam, India and anywhere in between.

The trip of a lifetime! It feels exhilarating not knowing exactly what the future holds, not worrying about my career for the time being and simply enjoying being young and carefree! And so the adventure begins; Here’s to 2018, I cannot wait to eat my way around the world one culture at a time!

A x

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